A Win is a Win

A Win is a Win

Oh hey there W! You’re a sight for sore eyes.

James Franklin called our win against Indiana the “prettiest win in my twenty years of coaching.” A team as young and scrappy as ours, as tripped up by minor mistakes and penalties, isn’t going to produce a pretty win. We look like we’re in that awkward phase. Our first year of middle school-- still lovable, not pretty. Yet.

As I watched the highlight video on the Penn State Football Facebook page, I could see a glimpse of our future and it looks bright. We really do have a lot potential. Once we get out from under the weight of these sanctions and get some experience under our belts, I see us being unstoppable. Truly unrivaled on the field and off. It’s only a matter of time.

I have to admit, I’m having some trouble staying focused on football with all the recent Penn State news.

More emails were released this week that make things look even worse for the NCAA. My personal favorite compared the sanctions to “shooting roadkill.” Thanks, NCAA, for that colorful description, and it sure did feel that way at the time. My second favorite revelation was discovering Emmert’s slight obsession with his wikipedia page, especially now that it’s been edited to include these very recent events. If the NCAA was so worried about their image, they probably should have done things the right way in the first place. Just a little life lesson for you, Mr. Emmert.

Now it also appears that the NCAA and Freeh were in cahoots for the writing of the infamous report. I’m sure it will follow shortly that...others...were involved as well. Stay tuned for the Corman case going to trial in January. It’s going to be very interesting.

And how much are you enjoying the so-called journalists who are suddenly flipping sides? Of course, I’d love it a whole lot more if any one of them had the strength of character to include an apology. For now, I’ll take what we can get and that’s more attention to the truth.

Trustee emeritus Joel Myers released a statement to the current Board of Trustees. Apparently he wants to be on the side of the truth now, along with Governor Corbett, “probably” (ha). Listen guys, we know you are, at the very least, smart enough to realize your end is near and are attempting to do damage control on your own reputations. Thank you for adding fuel to the fire and creating more media attention. I honestly don’t care if you are sincere (you’re not); just like James Franklin said in his press conference, we’re going to enjoy this win.

For now, ugly is just fine with me because I’m not looking for beauty. I’m looking for improvement, heart, and points on the board in whatever scrappy manner it takes to get them there. I’m looking for sincerity, sportsmanship, and the truth coming to light. A win is a win. We’ll take it.