Away we wear white: Penn State heads to Terps territory to set the record straight, and maybe get a handshake this time

Away we wear white: Penn State heads to Terps territory to set the record straight, and maybe get a handshake this time

This weekend, the Nittany Lions (5-2, 2-1) are on the road again, this time to the University of Maryland (2-4, 0-2). After last year’s unsportsmanlike handshake incident, the Nittany Lions are hungry for a victory over the Terps. Of the 38 times the Lions and the Terps have faced each other, Penn State has won 35 times, tying one time, and granting Maryland wins only in 1961 and 2014.

The University of Maryland Terrapins have had a rough start to this season, especially since their head coach, Randy Edsall, was fired after years of underperforming. Assistant and running back coach Mike Locksley is currently the interim head coach. Maryland has secured wins against only the University of Richmond (50-21) and the University of South Florida (35-17), both of which are not members of the Big Ten.

The Big Ten has not been kind to Maryland, as they were routed by Michigan (28-0) and Ohio State (49-28). Penn State is the third consecutive Big Ten team Maryland is facing in their eight-game streak against all Big Ten members.

Facing off this weekend at M&T Bank Stadium, the home of the Baltimore Ravens, only adds to the fervor surrounding this game.

“Playing the University of Maryland is going to be exciting. We have so many fans and alumni in that region…Mike Locksley and I worked together at the University of Maryland for five years. I have tremendous respect for him as a coach,” commented Head Coach James Franklin.

Ever-positive Franklin even dared to make statements about Penn State’s lackluster punters.

“In the end…we have two guys that have shown the ability to in practice and do it in practice pretty consistently. We have to get them to translate that to the game…It’s not a physical thing. It’s a mental thing. It’s confidence,” noted Franklin.

Superstar sophomore wide receiver Chris Godwin (Middletown, Del.) spoke to the media this past week about his stellar performances against powerhouses such as Ohio State and Indiana.

“I try to be the best receiver I can be… Honestly, it just comes down to focus,” stated Godwin.

Leading the nation in number of sacks, senior defensive end and former walk-on Carl Nassib (West Chester, Pa.) also participated in the players’ press conference this past week.

“People work hard for a while and expect results to . It’s difficult to work hard every day for long periods of time…I want to look at myself in the mirror and think, I did everything I could to be the best that I can,” said Nassib of his work ethic.

And, of course, because the Nittany Lions enjoy their fun too, when Nassib was asked to describe himself, he confidently stated, “I think I’m funny. I think I’m a pretty funny guy… I don’t know how to describe myself. How would you describe me? I’m hilarious, so there you go.”

This weekend fans and attendees can expect to once again see the breakout freshman running back Saquon Barkley (Coplay, Pa.) make key plays for the Lions. Barkley proved himself to be even greater than anticipated thanks to his relentless work ethic during the Ohio State game last week. He is expected to surpass 200 yards this weekend against the Terps.

With many alumni in the Baltimore area, as well as incredibly dedicated students taking a road trip to see the game this weekend, it is entirely possible that M&T Bank Stadium will be filled with much more blue and white than Maryland’s black, white, red, and gold. The stats line up in the Lions’ favor for this Saturday, and a win is so tangible that any who bet Penn State will win are more than willing to *shake* on it.