Fair Weather

Fair Weather

I secretly love a real life pathetic fallacy, as if all of nature understands and expresses the same emotions I’m feeling. When everything's going my way and there's not a cloud in the sky, I'm all the happier. When it poured the day after we lost to OSU by a single point, I wallowed in the misery. To have the weather turn even worse this past Saturday felt fitting. Of course there's a three hour lightning delay. Let that storm rage all over this suddenly infuriating season.

I hope we enjoyed the fair weather while it lasted because now we stand in the midst of the squall. And it is destructive. First to fall apart were our national championship dreams. Next went our chance at the playoffs. If the couch-side, football-expert soothsayers are to be believed, we've destroyed pretty much the entire season in a matter of seven days and four points.

The roller coaster ride I talked about a few weeks ago isn't as fun as it looked. In fact, I'd kind of like to get off please; I'm feeling rather sick.

If we’re feeling angry and upset that this season didn’t unfold as we wanted, I can only imagine the entire football program feels the same and worse. You know that phrase, when mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy? Well ain't nobody happy in Nittany Nation right now. Nobody.


I try to we remember that we're all human. Coach Franklin, Moorehead, Pry--they're all human beings. Trace, Saquon, the O-line, the secondary defense, and Marcus Allen-- they're all people, too. I'm a person. You're a person. Even that immature internet commenter, who thinks he's creative with his insulting nicknames and obvious solutions is a human too. And when humans are unhappy and frustrated and have zero control over what's happening...let's just say we're not at our best. I’m definitely feeling the disappointment, but I’m not going to dissolve into excuses, complaining, and unkindness.

I hate that we just lost two major games in a row. I hate that our ranking tanked and our high hopes completely burst. I hate there's literally nothing I can do about it except watch it unfold.

But I love our team. I believe in our program. I trust that each and every day our players and coaches bring the best they've got, even if they don't end up with much to show for it. I believe that they recognize their mistakes and work to correct them better than you or I ever could.

So, goodbye to the fair weather fans. I hope you enjoyed the bandwagon ride. I look forward to seeing you again soon. In the meantime, the rest of us are staying right here. We're still going to show up. You've had a tough time out there, Lions, and now you can come home to your Penn State family. It’s not the season any of us imagined but we live to see another game. Come rain or come shine.