Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Each Friday Lions Pride features a different staff member and their five favorite things, including a favorite item from Lions Pride. We hope you enjoy getting to know our Lions Pride staff. WE ARE!!!


Featuring Dean

Sales Associate and Assistant Shipping Manager

deans favorties

1. Family- Family is the most important thing to me. Every moment with family should be cherished.

2. Sports- From competing in sports to being a fan, I love sports! I love how sports bring people together.

3. Video Games- Playing video games is my favorite hobby and I play them in my spare time for fun.

4. Penn State- I love everything about Penn State and being and alumni. I am very proud to have walked this campus and to have received an education from one of the best Universities in the world.

5. Ping Iron Textured Polo- My favorite item that we carry at Lions Pride is the Ping Iron Textured Polo. This shirt is so comfortable and can be worn anywhere, any time. The great color is a bonus!