Lasch Football Renovation Plans Released; Penn State Football Walk-On Tryout Info Announced

Lasch Football Renovation Plans Released; Penn State Football Walk-On Tryout Info Announced

This past week marks yet another week closer to Penn State’s opening game for the fall 2015 season against Temple on September 5th. Classes are underway and the anticipatory energy hangs heavy in the air around campus. Students are ready for the early morning tailgates and the roar of Beaver Stadium.

Plans were unveiled to the public this past week regarding the phases that will soon take hold as the Lasch Building undergoes major renovations to improve its current conditions. The goal of the Lasch Building expansion is to allow student-athletes to still enjoy its facilities while the building is under construction. According to an article on Go PSU Sports, “…the first two phases of this renovation include the addition of a nutrition bar, as well as upgrades to the team auditorium, lobby, locker room, hydrotherapy room, and an expanded equipment room.”

Head Coach James Franklin says that the changes that will occur at Lasch will undoubtedly help Penn State Football become the premier program in the nation. Coach Franklin went on to explain that being the top program means not only having superior athletic facilities, but facilities that encourage student-athletes to have the highest GPA’s possible, to be engaged in the community, and to strive to fulfill roles as both a student and an athlete.

In an effort to engage the community and alumni in this monumental undertaking, the Nittany Lion Club is now offering a rare opportunity; for the contribution of 15,000 dollars over five years, donors can get their names on the lockers in the brand new Lasch Building locker rooms. Both tasteful and commemorative, this campaign will begin at the first game of the season at Temple on Saturday, September 5th at 3:30pm.

In other football news, Penn State will be holding its coveted walk-on tryouts soon. This year, Coach Franklin has insisted that they be referred to as “run-on” tryouts, since no Nittany Lion ever walks when he or she can run. On September 1st at 5:45pm in the Lasch Building Squad Room, any and all prospective players are welcome to attend an informational meeting regarding these highly selective tryouts.

Currently, the tentative run-on tryout date is Tuesday, September 15th, with the time yet to be announced. Players should be aware that these tryouts are incredibly demanding, both physically and mentally. However, that statement should not discourage any Nittany Lion hopeful from coming out to the meeting.

With the first week of classes almost under students’ belts, the smell of football could not be riper in the air. The countdown continues!