League's Vineyard Collection for Penn State

League's Vineyard Collection for Penn State

Over the past decade, vintage clothing has become extremely popular. You’ve probably noticed many once-fashionable trends re-appearing on the sidewalks of downtown State College and throughout Penn State University’s campus. In most industries (i.e. technology, transportation), newer is considered better; however, this rule doesn’t always apply when it comes to clothing and fashion.

Many students will be the first to tell you that there is nothing more satisfying than digging through a parent’s closet for the perfect, well-worn sweatshirt. I remember just a few years ago stumbling across my mom’s 1986 Penn State National Championship t-shirt. I was practically obsessed with its vintage design and soft feel, and it quickly became one of my favorite items of clothing. Finding a beloved treasure like this is not easy. Thankfully League, one of my favorite brands, took notice of this trend and developed the Vineyard Terry collection.

Blending traditional vintage design elements with modern style details, the Vineyard Terry line features garment dyed silhouettes that provide a timeless weathered look and incredibly soft feel. Made from 100% cotton, the classic style and perfect fit of each item in this collection practically guarantees that it will appeal to Penn State fans young and old. I hope you love League’s Vineyard Terry collection as much as I do and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. WE ARE!

Penn State Vineyard Crew

Vineyard Crew

Penn State Vineyard Hooded Henley

vineyard henley

Penn State Vineyard Sweatpants

vineyard sweatpants

Penn State Vineyard Shorts

vineyard shorts

Penn State Vineyard Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

vineyard full zip