Meet THON Dancer, Rob Englund

Meet THON Dancer, Rob Englund

This year Lions Pride is incredibly honored to have two employees, representing two different organizations, dancing in THON. Meet THON dancer and Lions Pride student employee, Rob Englund!

How did you get involved with THON? I got involved with THON at the very beginning of my colleagate career. I found about THON when I first visited Penn State as a senior in high school. During the fall of my freshman year, I joined my college's THON organization.

What roles have you played in THON? I have been a member of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences THON organization (EMS THON) since the beginning of my freshman year. My junior year, I served on the executive board of my org as the Family Relations Events Director and I was a member of the Communications (COMM) committee.

What org are you dancing for? I am dancing for the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences THON Organization (EMS THON).

2015 College of EMS dancers. 2015 College of EMS dancers. Rob is in the middle wearing the "S" sweatshirt.

What are you most looking forward to during THON 2015? I am most looking forward to representing my THON organization that is near and dear to my heart. I am also excited to support all of the families affected by pediatric cancer, especially EMS's three families, the Brewers, the Woods, and the Hollingers.

How were you selected as a THON dancer? I was nomitaed to dance by a member in my organization. I accepted the nomination and ran to dance in our dancer elections. At the culmination of elections I was fortunate and grateful to be elected as one of our seven dancers.

What is your favorite part of THON? My favorite part about THON is seeing all of the smilies, laughter, and joy on the kids faces and seeing all of my Penn State family coming together for this cause.

Rob during Rob during "No Hair Don't Care" 2015.

What is your best THON memory? My best THON memory is the culmination of THON 2014 crying, celebrating, and hugging with my fellow org members as we were announced the number one general org and seeing the overall THON total go up.

If you would like to make a THON donation to the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, Rob's org, please click here!