Men’s Lacrosse ends two game losing streak with win against Furman

Men’s Lacrosse ends two game losing streak with win against Furman

Penn State men’s lacrosse (4-2) started the season strong. With promising young talent and dedication to the game, it seemed like nothing could go wrong. However, Penn State fell to Villanova, and most recently, UPenn.

The then No. 20 men’s lacrosse team lost to unranked UPenn in an 11-7 shocker of a loss. Penn State came out lackluster; UPenn quickly sank three goals in the first quarter, leaving Penn State with a 3-0 deficit at the end of the first.

The second quarter was not much better, as Penn State was able to execute one goal to UPenn’s four. The story was similar in the third period, with the teams heading into the fourth as Penn State 2, UPenn 9.

The fourth quarter showed a much-needed shift in momentum as Penn State rallied and notched five goals to UPenn’s two. This rally was impressive, but not enough to send Penn State home with a win.

Although Penn State lost, they did win the most faceoffs, 15-7.

“Momentum and possession time seemed to have not favored us all that well, but that’s on us, not a particular unit,” said head coach Jeff Tambroni.

This was the second game in what became a two-game losing streak for Penn state men’s lacrosse. However, that all changed this past Tuesday as Penn State dominated on the road at Furman University.

A total of six Nittany Lions notched at least two goals apiece with standouts like TJ Sanders (Orillia, Ont.) and Nick Aponte (West Islip, N.Y.) once again being playmakers.

The game started out on a competitive note as the first quarter ended with Penn State up 3-1. The second quarter continued in the same fashion, ending with a fairly definitive 5-2 lead for Penn State. The Lions were not done yet; they had barely even started their scoring streak.

The third quarter was one for the books as the Lions sank nine goals in the Furman net. Sutton, Keenan, Sanders, Florence, Aponte, Ament, and Black all contributed to the 14-4 lead that Penn State secured in the third quarter.

Furman scored three goals in the third quarter, but with Penn State adding an additional two to their 14, the score was finalized with a Penn State win, 16-7.

Penn State won the most faceoffs for the day as well as groundballs: 14-11 and 24-21, respectively.

This coming Saturday, Penn State will square off against Harvard. This is sure to be a heated competition that you won’t want to miss!