No. 12 Lions Prepare for Second Whiteout Game against Iowa

No. 12 Lions Prepare for Second Whiteout Game against Iowa

This coming weekend is a very important game for No. 12 Penn State Football. If the Lions (6-2, 4-1) are able to beat Iowa (5-3, 3-2), a cornucopia of opportunities will present themselves for the No. 12 team in the nation, some of which even present a path to the Rose Bowl.

While speculations are all well and good, Head Coach James Franklin has said time and time again that the team is treating this upcoming game just like any other game, and keeping a calm and focused attitude about it.

“We’re just going to keep working hard week-to-week and preparing for our opponents like we’ve been preparing, and hoping the outcome is what we’d like to see,” said Brendan Mahon, junior tackle (Randolph, N.J.).

Iowa has been a challenge for Penn State in the past, with Penn State just barely getting the edge on the teams’ 13-12 series. However, Iowa has struggled this year, and is not putting out the same showing that its 2015 team (12-2, 8-0) did .

In order to achieve the win this weekend, Coach Franklin has called upon the community, fans, and students to rally and bring their coveted “12th man effect” to Beaver Stadium yet again.

“I the stadium to be rocking and sold out and create an unbelievable moment,” said Franklin. “Then I ‘who says we can only have one Whiteout a year…’ most importantly we need that stadium rocking. We need a home-field advantage.”

Franklin went on to explain that when he asked for a second Whiteout, he meant more the passionate mentality that fans brought to the Ohio State Whiteout two weeks ago, but that he does encourage fans to Penn State white and/or blue.

“Penn State, this place, this atmosphere, kind of speaks for itself,” said Mahon. “I remember my first visit here… Coming over the hill you see Beaver Stadium. It takes a moment to set in… It’s just one big family.”

Penn State has the upper-hand on Iowa when it comes to scoring, averaging 33.6 points a game to Iowa’s 28.1. The Lions boast 392.0 total offensive yards to Iowa’s 348.1.

The Lions will have to watch out for the Hawkeyes’ 83% fourth down percentage; Penn State clocks in at only 67%.

One thing that fans can look forward to seeing yet again is the incredible fire and closeness that the Lions bring to the field every time they compete. They bring in qualities of dedication and family that have been gone from this team for far too long.

“I would say this year’s team is probably a little bit closer than last year’s team,” said Andre Robinson (Mechanicsburg, Pa.). “Everybody has bought into the coaches’ messages and everything. Everybody really cares about each other and loves each other.”

This weekend’s game against Iowa is also the Military Appreciation Game, an annual tradition at Penn State.

“I think we have over 10,000 tickets requested to men and women that serve our country, which is awesome,” said Coach Franklin. “It’s a great way to pay tribute to the military and what they do for us day in and day out, and the sacrifices they make.”

Join us and your Penn State family this Saturday in Beaver Stadium for the 7:30 p.m. kickoff against Iowa… and don’t forget to wear your white!