Russ “Digs” Roseberry, an A+ Addition to the Creamery

Russ “Digs” Roseberry, an A+ Addition to the Creamery

Nothing signifies the beginning of summer in Happy Valley more than frequent trips to Penn State’s Berkey Creamery. Ice cream lovers and Penn State fans, of which I am both, were delighted to learn in May that longtime Penn State women’s volleyball coach, Russ Rose, would receive an ice cream flavor at the famous Penn State eatery. During the 2014 Happy Volleyball Tournament the flavor Russ “Digs” Roseberry was unveiled to the Penn State community and a soon-to-be classic was born.

russ eating ice creamWhile I frequent the Creamery, probably far more than I should, a new flavor always calls for a special trip. My best friend and partner in crime, Christine and I, were extremely excited to try the new flavor honoring the legendary coach. Russ “Digs” Roseberry is a combination of strawberry ice cream with black raspberry and regular raspberry sauce, mixed with dark chocolate flakes. We couldn’t think of a better way to end a Monday than with a cold cone of the newly introduced concoction.

From the moment we enter Berkey Creamery, happiness surrounded us. It’s just one of those Penn State places where great memories are made. You know the places I’m talking about; Beaver Stadium, the Nittany Lion shrine, the Nittany Lion Inn… one of THOSE places. This specific trip did not disappoint! “One cone please,” I said as I dug through my overly stuffed purse for $3.07. I walked down the line to find where a friendly ice cream expert was scooping Coach Rose’s new flavor. “Russ ‘Digs’ Roseberry please!”

The anticipation of the first bite escalated as we stepped outside to enjoy our cold treat in the warm sun. YUM! Russ “Digs” Roseberry did not disappoint. The creamy strawberry ice cream with swirls of raspberry and smooth chocolate flakes was scrumptious in every sense of the word. Not overly sweet or heavy, Russ “Digs” Roseberry is the perfect summer flavor. The smell of strawberries melted any thoughts of winter away. The dark chocolate flakes balanced the sweetness of the strawberries creating an impeccable ice cream marriage. Coach Rose’s flavor was BERRY BERRY good; an A+ addition to an already phenomenal Creamery flavor list. Would you expect anything else?

It seemed almost as quickly as my cone was scooped, it was gone. One thing is very certain, I will visit Berkey Creamery many more times over the coming months to enjoy more scoops of this delightful new flavor. Please do me a huge favor and make sure that if you are visiting Happy Valley this summer, you make a special trip to the Creamery to give Russ “Digs” Roseberry a try!

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