I find the “Penn State keeps surprising us” headlines very amusing.

Are you surprised that Penn State is still around? Are you surprised that Penn State is competitive?

No, it's not like a surprise at all. It’s more like an unclogged drain. It’s like the roadblocks have been cleared and everything can flow smoothly again. The power is finally unleashed. This is the Penn State we’ve known was here all along.

This team is fulfilling its destiny. Our sixth straight conference win for the first time since 1994. The third time we’ve come from behind for a second-half win in this season alone. We’ve gone from unranked to 9th. The path to a championship seems so clear, almost easy...

But, we can’t get comfortable. Every game is a trap. Nothing has been easy for us, and that won’t change now. Rutgers is not a friendly environment. Michigan State is a long time Big Ten rival, which means anything can happen.

We’re still young. We’re still dealing with injuries. The game on Saturday was messy. Yet, our “gutsy and resilient” team fought on to regain the lead multiple times and win. This team is a joy to watch, because of the scrap and grit of guys like Trace McSorley, the strength and determination of guys like Saquon Barkley, and the ferocity of every unsung hero of a player, who shows up to do his job day after day.

Nothing is guaranteed except our guys showing up on Saturday ready to fight for a win, and except for all of us, ready to see them through. Why not keep surprising the world of college football? I don’t mind a bit watching our young Lions continue to teach the nation who WE ARE!