The Little Things

The Little Things

You guys, I have a bad attitude over here this week. Maybe it was a carryover from last week’s loss. Maybe it was the dismal weather, the not-full stadium, the lackluster competition. I watched the whole game thinking, “Is this really our team?” I mean, it looked like a bad team playing a worse team out there.

I know rain can be the great equalizer. When I coached, my newbie city team was always outmatched by it’s seasoned opponents, so I was happy to stand in the rain knowing it gave us a chance. Maybe Buffalo felt that way. Maybe both teams just stunk. See what I’m sayin? Bad attitude right here.

I did not like seeing the penalties. I really did not like seeing the unsportsmanlike conduct. All those little things add up. It was just painful to watch despite the score.

Still, I have to remind myself, we did win the game. I can’t get this down and out about a WIN. A win’s a win; it doesn’t need to be pretty.

And there were certainly bright spots. Obviously, we won so there’s that. Also, we had no turnovers. More importantly for our quarterback (and his mother), we had no sacks; that’s an accomplishment to celebrate all on its own!

Brandon Polk and Saquon Barkley, both true freshman, scored touchdowns-- that’s the first time that’s happened since Derrick Williams and Justin King in 2005. I could handle a season like that again, couldn’t you? We already got our one heartbreaking loss out of the way.

Maybe it’s not so dreary after all. Maybe things actually are looking up. If only we could take care of the little things. I’m sure Coach Franklin and our players are correcting their mistakes and tightening up the basics right now as you read.

If we do the little things right, the big things will take care of themselves. I wonder where we’ve heard that advice before. Our history always seems to wind through our dreams of the future.