'Twas the Day of the Bowl Game

'Twas the Day of the Bowl Game

'Twas the day of the bowl game, and all through the nation,

State fans were excited, they filled Penn Station.

Their cars were decked in blue and white,

In hopes that Franklin would win that night.

The fans were bundled in Lions Pride gear;

To Yankee Stadium where they would cheer.

The Lion in his scarf and the band in full suit;

Hey look at Franklin, he flipped a recruit!

When out of the tunnel there came a loud noise,

All of the fans were cheering, “here come our boys”!

I jumped to my feet, to whistle and yell,

On the hand we’ve been dealt, we won’t dwell.

The captains called the coin in the air,

Kick off took place, the refs said, “It's fair”.

The cheerleaders loudly yelled, “WE ARE”

It was heard by many, near and far.

The Wild Dogs stood proudly as they took the field,

To absolutely no one they would yield.

The ball was passed off, Penn State forced a fumble;

BC’s fans went silent, then came a grumble.

On, James and Nelson and Lewis and Carter!

On Smith and Belton and Hamilton, O starters!

Hack launched the ball, it was high in the air;

Two large hands reached up, and grabbed it with care.

First down was the call, the refs got it right;

Receivers rushing fast and taking flight.

After four plays we were red zone bound,

Loudly from the field, there came a sound.

Flag on the play, offsides was the call,

Five yard penalty, we still have the ball.

Hack passed it off, blocking was key;

TOUCHDOWN, TOUCHDOWN I shouted with glee!

The first half ended seven to none,

One thing was sure, more work to be done.

Time for hot cocoa and some popcorn,

Of my decision to come, I was not forlorn.

Penn State football, what joy it brings;

All of my life, my most favorite of things!

The second half started, I took my seat;

Lions came out, ready to eat.

We scored once more, things looked alright,

A victory we predicted that night.

BC started to play with brute force,

For Penn State things were looking off course.

They tied it up scoring twice;

Time for Penn State to roll the dice.

The offense boldly marched out once more,

From the sideline, ready to score.

With only ten seconds left in the game,

Ficken was kickin’, he had to take aim.

And laying his laces into the ball,

As it flew toward the goal post, it was a close call.

The ball traveled in, to Penn State’s delight,

The Lions would be the victors tonight!

Franklin and team turned to the crowd-

WE ARE PENN STATE, forever proud!

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