We Are…Forever Thankful!

We Are…Forever Thankful!

When I was in my early elementary school years my parents insisted that I always write thank you notes to anyone who’d given me a gift or done something nice for me. Of course I balked a little until I was old enough to realize the importance of gratitude. During this time of “thanks” and “giving” I want to express my appreciation to the Penn State coaches, players, students, alumni, and fans for making this a most memorable football season.

Thank You, Coach O’Brien and Staff for everything you taught these young men even before the season began. Your knowledge, encouragement, support, and understanding enabled these players to achieve much more than anyone (except you) expected. And all along the way you never doubted their ability to be a great football team. You never made excuses and the life skills they learned from you will serve them well for many years to come.

 width=Thank You, Penn State Football Players. Your courage, commitment, and fortitude are a testament to your outstanding character. You refused to be defined by anyone and even under the most difficult circumstances you exhibited grace and poise well beyond your years. Just the fact that you decided to remain at Penn State will endear you to fans and alumni forever. You were humble in victory and gracious in defeat and reminded us all that there are greater things than the final score of a game. We will never forget the sacrifices you made and will always remember the pride you restored.

Thank You Students, Alumni, and Fans for filling Beaver Stadium every week and showing the community outside “Happy Valley” that there is nothing wrong with the “culture” at Penn State. Your love for our great university is evident not only on football Saturdays, but every day of the year. Your boundless enthusiasm and unwavering loyalty made this football season special indeed.

Words can not adequately express the pride and joy I felt this fall each time our Lions took the field, so one more “Thank You” will have to suffice.

“One Pride, One Purpose, One Team”. We Are….. Forever Thankful!

Many thanks to Cindy Stemple, proud Penn State alumnus and fan, for this wonderful letter of gratitude, eloquently expressing what many in the Penn State community feel.