Weird day. Weird start time. Weird mistakes. Weird turnaround. Weird game.

Trying to describe it to my husband this morning, I couldn’t quite capture the essence. You look at the score and you think the game was a blowout. Part of it was but most of the game was far more exciting than necessary. I would’ve appreciated a blowout by halftime so I could go to bed. People with kids/dogs/partners who wake up with the sun, amirite? No one’s sleeping when Illinois has a three-point lead.

Our defense took the first half to fully arrive. We seemed to have a decent run game going but then appeared to abandon it for a floundering passing attack. Yet again, we saw points taken off the board. It was a spectacular shame this time. I would’ve liked to see Miles Sanders add a touchdown pass to his stats. (Side note: what are the chances we can we add the Philly special to our playbook?) And then, as if a switch flipped, we took the game and ran away with it.


I really want to celebrate this game as a big win. Why are we complaining after a 63-24 win? We’re 4-0! We should be happy! Do other fanbases complain after their team wins by 39 points or are we just weird? We got out of the Illinois trap but OSU looms larger than a buckeye tree; they’re just a bunch of nuts but they’ll poison your season if they can. I think the only way we’d be happy is with four nearly perfect annihilations leading up to the Ohio State matchup. As it is, we may have a great record but we’re jumpy.

I wholeheartedly ascribe to JoePa’s wisdom: do all the little things right, and the big things will take care of themselves. But, I don’t know, even that is weirdness. Somehow despite not taking care of the little things, the big things—the big plays, the points, and the wins— are taking care of themselves. It can’t go on this way, can it?

There’s significant talent and potential on this team. If we can just play the entire game like we did in the fourth quarter, we’re unstoppable. The only “weird” I want to see next weekend is Urban Meyer’s face as we win convincingly. And, with the autumnal equinox, we’ve got seven shorter days to be ready.