Meet THON Dancer, Shelby Jones

Meet THON Dancer, Shelby Jones

This year Lions Pride is incredibly honored to have two employees, representing two different organizations, dancing in THON. Meet THON dancer and Lions Pride student employee, Shelby Jones!

How did you get involved with THON? I was originally involved with THON at Penn State Altoona as a general organization member. When I moved to University Park campus, I became involved with Morale and loved it! This year I was appointed the Whiplash Family Relations Chair at which time I became very involved with fundraising and started considering the possibility of dancing.

THON 2013 Shelby and friend during THON 2013.

What is your first THON memory? I made my first visit to Penn State during THON weekend and was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go. When my mom and I watched the dancers stand at the beginning of the 46 hours, I knew it was the only place I wanted to go to school.

What roles have you played in THON? At Penn State Altoona I was involved as a general organization member. During THON 2014 I was on Morale and I am now the Family Relations chair and a dancer for Whiplash.

Shelby and her Dancer 2014 Shelby and her THON dancer in 2014.

What organization are you dancing for? Whiplash Dance Team

What are you most looking forward to during THON 2015? There are two things I am really looking forward to…1. I am also a member of Tapestry dance team so I am really looking forward to getting to know Leah, our new THON child. 2. Getting to dance and perform with Whiplash’s THON child, Emma.

Shelby and Emma 2015 Emma and Shelby in 2015.

How were you selected as a THON dancer? There is a voting process within our organization. If you are interested in dancing you have to give a speech on why you want to dance. Every member of the team then votes.

What is your favorite part of THON? The final 4 hours and family hour are my favorite part of THON. I love that it doesn’t matter how you are involved, everyone is in it together. It perfectly sums up the comradery of Penn State.

What is your best THON memory? My favorite memory is from THON 2014. Whiplash had finished performing with Emma, our THON child. Emma was the only one left standing at the end of the performance with the rest of the Whiplash team falling to the floor at the end of the performance. It was an incredibly surreal, emotional moment.

Shelby 1 Whiplash Dance Team performing with Emma during THON 2014.

If you would like to make a THON donation to Whiplash, Shelby's org, please click here!