On the Wrong Foot

On the Wrong Foot

I think we got jinxed. The whole world started pointing out that Penn State hadn’t yet turned the ball over and there it went, fumbled on the first play of the game. No one was sorrier than Nick Singleton to see that streak broken. That’s what starting off on the wrong foot looks like. Frustration ruled the entire first half with dropped passes, penalties, and a general lack of rhythm.

And once again we are left grateful for the defense, who racked up seven sacks and twelve tackles for loss. They stopped Northwestern on downs twice and set up the offense with excellent field position. Zane Durant, Dani Dennis-Sutton, and Kobe King led the way in tackles. Daequan Hardy snagged an interception.

After an anxiety-producing start, Penn State got it together in the second half. Drew Allar and his offense perked up, putting 24 points on the board, and Beau Pribula brought the total to 31. Nick Singleton got to make up for that first play gaffe with a rushing and a receiving touchdown. The defense continued to shine, limiting the Wildcats to just three points in the second half.

Coach Franklin keeps saying it's important to find different ways to win and, for better or worse, our team is doing just that. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, as they say, but a win is a win. I’ll keep this win in perspective rather than using it to catastrophize the big tests three and five weeks from now.

We all see Ohio State and Michigan looming. We all want to beat them, convincingly if possible. Take heart in the fact that our Nittany Lions want to see the Buckeyes and the Wolverines go down even more than we do.

We are undefeated and number 6 in the country. Our defense is number one in yards per game allowed. Our offense will surely live into more of their potential. Our preseason aims of winning the BigTen, securing a spot in the College Football Playoffs, even a chance at a National Championship, are all still achievable.

Enjoy the Bye Week Nittany Nation. The matchups we are waiting for will be here before we know it.