Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality

If you stand still for just a second, you can feel the winds begin to blow. It’s the calm before the storm. The cavalry is on the prowl again, ice flowing through their veins. Their blood runs blue, their voice not a whisper but a monstrous ROAR. It won’t be long until those tremors find their fate, I can hear the footsteps getting close. A blizzard is on its way again, my friends, 110,000 all dressed in white. Many have tried to imitate, but none can match the ferociousness of Nittany Nation as we march as one into the night.

We've been known to topple giants and push high and mighty teams to the brink. We are the underdogs and the afterthoughts. They tell us time and time again we have no chance, until they witness all the magic that happens when Happy Valley pulls that rope in the same direction. The Evil Empire has never scared us, those Wolverines have little bite. The ‘mighty' Irish even took one on the chin, once upon a time. So, come strong and bring your all, but be prepared to be blinded by white. 

I can feel those footsteps coming now, they’re getting more and more intense. A White Out is brewing once again my friends and the mission calls for an all hands on deck approach. The students have returned all nestled in their tents, as Nittanyville is back up and rockin’ at its very Penn State best. No red, no black, no scarlet or grey. No maize and no Harbaugh to collectively wish would just go away. With all due respect to the Auburn Tigers of the holier-than-thou SEC, they have no idea what’s coming once the sun goes down, so it’s up to us to show our friends-by-day a healthy dose of southern hospitality.

Not much longer now my friends, as the earth beneath us begins to quake. The cavalry is on the prowl again, a year too late but all in the beloved name of Dear Old State. We can mingle with the best of them, southern hospitality at its finest if that’s what you expect, but once the lights go on, the gloves come off, and the cold, hard steel inside the house that Joe built begins to sway and shake. I’ve seen a fire inside FrankLion's eyes like one I’ve never seen before. An air of confidence, and a steely-eyed resolve to turn last year’s adversity into this year’s fate. So, brace yourselves my friends, the blizzard has arrived. 110K all decked out in their brightest whites. You can test the aura all you want but nothing is going to prevent Nittany Nation from dancing off into the night! Penn State 26, Auburn 3.