• Bad Business

    Bad Business

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    Well, this season didn't go as we'd hoped it would and it sure didn’t end as we would have liked: losing 38-25 in the Peach Bowl. Losing the game, losing a chance at becoming the first and only team to...

  • Got Our Groove Back

    Got Our Groove Back

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    What a game! Make all the qualifications you want, we don’t care because we are choosing our focus, and that is how you finish a season strong. Who doesn’t love a 42-0 dismantling of the Spartans and the good ol’...

  • All The Blessings

    All The Blessings

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    One morning in 1995, I walked into my junior high homeroom wearing my white Penn State Rose Bowl Champions sweatshirt. The kid who sat behind me looked up and said, “Penn State stinks.” An undefeated, untied season, and a Rose...

  • Keep Your Head

    Keep Your Head

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    Sigh. Well, we answered that question: no, it wasn’t enough.  What started with so much promise– the momentum of a great win against Maryland, the second largest Beaver Stadium crowd in history, 110,865 fans, an absolutely gorgeous day, and winning...

  • Upset Alert

    Upset Alert

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    Hey, what can I say? It was a great win against a team we definitely do not love. The score was awesome: five-one, one-five. The Beau and Drew “Philly Special mixed with a Chiefs shovel pass” was awesome. A perfectly...

  • We Won. The End.

    We Won. The End.

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    Ha ha, just kidding. I’ve got to say something about the win over the Hoosiers, but everybody’s mad about it being such a clunker and you know how I feel about the complaining.  The offense was not great. Allar threw...

  • Failure and Excellence

    Failure and Excellence

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    Well, we failed that test. Here I sit in my local coffee shop trying to offer something positive and hopeful, but I have to be honest, this loss is tough to swallow.  This was our chance, and we blew it....

  • Call it a Dae

    Call it a Dae

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    Coming off a bye-week with a big test looming on the horizon– maybe we didn’t really worry, but I think we worried a little that the Nittany Lions might not completely show up. We’ve seen plenty of lackluster games in...

  • On the Wrong Foot

    On the Wrong Foot

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    I think we got jinxed. The whole world started pointing out that Penn State hadn’t yet turned the ball over and there it went, fumbled on the first play of the game. No one was sorrier than Nick Singleton to...