Beware of the Blizzard

Beware of the Blizzard

Beware, a storm is brewing in Happy Valley. It’s a storm unlike any of our eyes have seen. Authorities have been so overwhelmed by its seismic proportions, they had no choice but to dial-up Chaos and the Junkyard Dogs as reinforcements. A week ago, we may have underestimated its devastating potential as it weaved its way through the cornfields of Iowa, but the closer it gets to home, the more ferocious it’s become. I’m not here to drop predictions today, I’m here to give a dire warning instead. Take heed and seek shelter amongst a sea of white, the blizzard of 2019 is all but destined to pack a walloping punch.

It’s that time of year again already, so put on those shiny, bright whites and bring the loudest ROAR you can muster. Beaver Stadium is guaranteed to be rockin’ as our Nittany Lions find themselves back in the hunt, maybe just a wee bit sooner than expected. We’ve been down this road before you know, and now redemption stands in our way again. Let revenge lie with those paper champs from Michigan, there is no love lost between us and them. It’s been tit-for-tat for far too long, and something’s got to give. The Wolverines are in a fight for survival and a Penn State Whiteout is the last thing they need to potentially snuff out all those preseason dreams once and for all. In fact, if they take one on the chin as they did two years ago, it could very well spell doom for the Jim Harbaugh-era at UM, much like that four-overtime thriller did for his predecessor, Brady Hoke, in 2013.


Now I’m not one to wish ill will on anyone by any means, but in this case, it’s better them than us, as we aim to grab a permanent lead in the never-ending quest to overtake the Evil Empire from Columbus. With close to 200+ of the best that high schools across the country have to offer (whether on official or unofficial visits) standing on our sideline, the future hangs as much in the balance as what those polls have to say this Sunday. Take care of business on Saturday night and Penn State officially moves into a two-way race for Big Ten East supremacy, and the team we love to hate potentially goes back to the drawing board for years to come.

Beware Nittany Nation, there’s a storm brewing and it’s an all hands on deck situation. This one is whipping up to be the biggest and the best we have ever witnessed. A blizzard full of chains and dreads, nicknames and swagger. A new generation of Nittany Lions hell-bent on making a Penn Statement under the lights as they scratch and claw to meet their ultimate goal. I’m not here to drop predictions today, I’m here to drop facts. A Whiteout in all its fury is forecasted and it’s gaining steam as we speak. Bring your whites and bring your ROAR. Together WE ARE…UNRIVALED!