Bounce Back Blow Out

Bounce Back Blow Out

This game had all the signs of a nail-biter. Especially following an Ohio State loss, Penn State has historically lost or very nearly lost its following game. In 2014, they lost to OSU and then Maryland in the very next game. In 2015, they lost to Ohio State and in the next contest barely survived the Terps. In 2017, they lost to Ohio State and then to Michigan State. In 2018 the Nittany Lions once again lost to the Buckeyes followed by the Spartans. 

How refreshing it was to watch Penn State take care of business after an emotional loss to Ohio State just last week! Sure, it’s no consolation for said emotional loss, but it certainly is hopeful that Penn State has defied its tendency to lose a second game after a big loss twice this season. There is still so much good that can happen this season if we keep our heads on straight.

Despite a slow start and yet another Clifford interception, the Lions dominated in a complete win against a struggling Indiana team.

Kaytron Allen ran for eighty-six yards on eighteen carries and three scores; Nick Singleton rushed seventy-three yards on sixteen carries and one touchdown. Nick and Kaytron tied the freshman record for TDs. Drew Allar came in impressive in the second half completing nine for twelve passes with two scores and rushing for eleven yards on three carries. All this offensive productivity happened minus three injured starters on the offensive line.

Manny Diaz’s defense brought all the pressure. Twelve defensive players contributed to sixteen tackles for loss; the most ever recorded. Defensive Nittany Lions racked up six sacks and three interceptions.

On special teams, Jake Pinegar played well with consistent kick offs and a career long fifty-yard field goal.

I hear the calls for benching Clifford. I see the continued displeasure over Franklin’s coaching. If people want to keep up the crankiness this season because we lost to two huge opponents, so be it. I, for one, am going to enjoy the remainder of the games. Keep the faith, Penn State family; we’ve got a team that just keeps surprising us. Go State! Beat the Terrapins!