Hear Us Roar

Hear Us Roar

YOU GUYS!! There are no words to describe THIS! THIS can only be described through jumping around, screaming, excitedly awkward hugging, throwing things into the air, and/or maniacal grinning! Fist pumping and silly dancing and not caring if you wake up neighbors or children! (Ok maybe caring a little bit about that last one but still!) Exclamation points for days!!!!

Just after halftime, there was talk of going to bed in my house. It was getting late. It wasn't looking good. I kid you not, I said, “if I go to bed now I'll miss the greatest comeback of all time.” To me, there is always hope.

We had a huge White Out, night-game crowd. We had the great equalizing rain. We were slated as a three-touchdown underdog. In the pre-game show, not one commentator picked us to win. At one point ESPN predicted a 99% chance of us losing. There is always magic and the stage was perfectly set for it.

And magic it was. Pure, electrified magic. Look at us now! Hear us roar!

This win is for you, who saw numbers and stats and bet against us. It's for you, who counted us out before the game even began. For you, who disrespect our coach, and you, who want to paint us with broad, negative strokes. This win is especially for you who thought you could destroy this program. Hear us roar!


This win is for JoePa, who didn’t get to coach it, and for James Franklin, who did. It’s for every player who dares to be part of this forever experiment, working hard in classrooms and on fields.

This win is for all of us who showed up and supported and cheered and loved this team and this university out of the depths of despair.

We just picked off No.2 Ohio State! We are ranked for the first time since 2011! WE ARE PENN STATE! HEAR US ROAR!

Sanctions... Injuries... Too young… Not enough depth... Not good enough… Irrelevant… We have endured these messages and far worse over the last five years and for the first time we have a sweet taste of vindication.

Not only do we have the heart of the Lion, we have the strength, we have the talent, and we have the stamina. We will not be dismissed as irrelevant because we know we are unrivaled.

Haven't they learned yet? Never, ever underestimate a Lion.