Legends of Lions Past

Legends of Lions Past

My fantasy team was SO bad this year that Sunday I didn’t have much to cheer for other than a quiet start to winter solstice wrapping gifts and watching football. As nice as it would have been to have a dog in the fight, it was actually kind of refreshing just being a fan of the game for once. No heartache or heartbreaks to speak of on this day, just good old fashioned smash mouth football.

Much to my Christmassy delight, an old friend from the not-so-distant past got the day started off with a bang as Super’Quon finally busted out of those injury chains and reminded everyone who the king of New York is. It’s been a down year by Saquon-standards but his star power was in full force last Sunday. Meanwhile, down south in the Sunshine State, reports were coming out of Miami that Mike Gesicki was having himself a whale of a game as he caught two touchdowns and is just beginning to dominate as he did in blue and white.

Sam Ficken kicked daggers in Steeler hearts and the Lion that never ages, Robbie Gould, rode off on his teammate's shoulders as he hit the game-winner in San Francisco. DeaSean Hamilton snuck one in from the goal line for a game-winner in Denver, and then there’s Miles. Miles Sanders that is, who ran roughshod over Dallas as Philly knocked them out of the playoff picture. His long run and slide with under a minute left iced the win and elevated him to cult status as a rookie.


There was a Captain Cabinda sighting in Detroit and Marcus Allen was promoted to help stabilize an injury-riddled Pittsburgh D. The Cowboys may have lost but it wasn’t because of Sean Lee, who’s been playing like a rookie as of late, and on Monday, Anthony Zettel was traded to the 49ers as they prepare for playoff battles. Daquon Jones and Austin Johnson clogged the middle in Tennessee, Allen Robinson was a one-man offense to downtrodden Chicago fans, Adrian Amos helped the Packers shut down the Vikings O, and the Chiefs Jordan Lucas swatted away a last-ditch effort in the end zone.

James Franklin and Penn State are already down in Dallas getting ready to tie a bow on another double-digit win campaign. KJ has made his choice but won’t tell until it’s all over and Micah Parsons has been collecting All-American hardware by the truckload. Outside of another big Signing Day, it’s been a quiet December. I may not have had a dog in the fight as the regular season of the NFL comes to a close, but legends of Nittany Lions past were scattered all over my TV screen last weekend, and that’s good enough for me as we all await to feast on Memphis Tigers!