Making Penn State Memories

Making Penn State Memories

Last Saturday’s inclement weather didn’t stop Penn State fans from venturing back to University Park. Families still arrived dressed in their best PSU rain attire along with their toddlers in Penn State cheerleading uniforms and Nittany Lion costumes. The Creamery was still packed with visitors and so were the tailgating spots. Needless to say, the conditions didn’t stop Penn Staters from enjoying a nice football weekend on our home turf. It’s clear that Penn State has the best fans, students, friends and alumni in the world. I mean, if Saturday’s down pours didn’t stop you from supporting the team, I’m not sure what will!

future nittany lionWhile heading to the game on Saturday, a father and his young daughter (both wearing matching Penn State ponchos) were walking in front of me. He stopped at the steps of Chambers and said, “That’s where I went to class”. The little girl, who couldn’t have been any older than five, looked up at her dad and said, “That’s where I’m going to go to school one day”.

I started thinking. Families come back to campus to share some of what they experienced during their time here. They look forward to waiting in line at the Berkey Creamery and watching as their child tastes the ice cream for the first time. They’re excited to show their families where they went to class and their favorite places to eat.

The father and daughter moment I watched unfold right in front of me was so special. One day that little girl is going to look back and remember that rainy football Saturday she spent at Penn State with her dad. Its little things like these that make everyone’s trip back to the University truly unique.

In sun, rain or snow our fans and alumni continue to support and share Penn State with their families. Whether you’re here to make memories or relive them, Penn State is the perfect place to be.

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