No. 2 Penn State Downs No. 1 Ohio State For Big Ten Title

No. 2 Penn State Downs No. 1 Ohio State For Big Ten Title

No one thought it would happen. With Nolf out at 157, the close matchups in the middle lineup, Nathan Tomasello to lead off and Kyle Snyder to close the match… it didn’t look likely for a Penn State win.

Before the Buckeyes even made their way to State College, No. 1 heavyweight Kyle Snyder seemed extremely excited about the match. He tweeted, “Now that I am back in the US of A, all my time and energy will be focused on PSU. There is no team I’d like to destroy more.”

Ironically, the tweet came out right after the news was released about Nolf’s regular season ending injury. Well, Mr. Snyder, seems like all your time and energy couldn’t quite get the job done. Penn State’s 197 Anthony Cassar stole Snyder’s spotlight.

The match was going the way everyone expected, minus No. 6 Nick Lee’s decision loss to No. 11 Joey McKenna. Carson Kuhn was able to hold Tomasello to a major at 125. Zain Retherford, Vincenzo Joseph and Bo Nickal were able to get the Lions a few key bonus points.


Then came the 197 match. With Shakur Rasheed’s performance at 197 lately, some fans may have been a bit surprised to see Anthony Cassar trotting out to the match to face No. 1 Kollin Moore. As always, Cael knows.

The first period ended scoreless, but Cassar got hit with a stalling warning. Moore chose down to start the second and quickly escaped to a 1-0 lead. Cassar then connected on a high single and Moore escaped again to tie the bout at 2-2. Cassar chose down to start the third and Moore cut him loose. Moore took a solid shot, but Cassar was able to counter and turn it into a takedown of his own. The Lion had a 5-2 lead with 50 seconds left. Cassar held on to control as the clock ticked down to 25 seconds and a reset was called. The Lion got hit with another stall call as he rode out Moore and posted the 6-3 win that sent Rec Hall into a frenzy.

With the team score at 19-15 Penn State, No. 6 Nick Nevills had to hold No. 1 Kyle Snyder to a decision. The high scoring heavyweight match was filled with more action than most and Nevills was able to hold Snyder to a 15-10 victory.

The Lions held on for the unexpected and exciting victory that will go down in history as one of the best matches Rec Hall has ever seen.

The Lions are back in Rec Hall this Saturday for another big home match against Iowa at 8 p.m.


125: OSU #4 Nathan Tomasello maj. dec. PSU Carson Kuhn, 21-12

133: OSU #2 Luke Pletcher dec. Corey Keener, 5-4

141: OSU #11 Joey McKenna dec. PSU #6 Nick Lee, 7-6

149: PSU #1 Zain Retherford tech fall OSU #7 Ke-Shawn Hayes, 20-4 (TF; 7:00)

157: OSU #5 Micah Jordan tech fall PSU Bo Pipher, 24-9 (TF; 6:06)

165: PSU #1 Vincenzo Joseph maj. dec. OSU #14 Te-Shan Campbell, 12-3

174: PSU #2 Mark Hall dec. OSU #3 Bo Jordan, 6-4

184: PSU #1 Bo Nickal maj. dec. OSU #2 Myles Martin, 10-2

197: PSU Anthony Cassar dec. OSU No. 1 Kollin Moore, 6-3

285: OSU #1 Kyle Snyder dec. PSU #6 Nick Nevills, 15-10

Season Pin Count: 32