Onward and Upward

Onward and Upward

With this past weekend’s harrowing loss to Michigan State, Penn State (7-2, 4-2) dropped to No. 16 in the FBS rankings. This was a hard hit to many fans who had already grown used to seeing our Nittany Lions in the top five this season.

Despite the difficult losses to Ohio State and Michigan State, it is important to remember just how far the Lions have come since even a year ago.

Remember last year, when we were not expected to beat Ohio State or Michigan State? When we weren’t expected to be ranked? When we weren’t expected to go to a good bowl, much less the Rose Bowl?

Last year, Penn State was still a nobody - still a program reeling from years of disjointedness and politics. By the end of last year’s season, however, Penn State had showed the world that the Blue and White were only just getting started.

As the Lions relentlessly trained and studied tapes throughout the winter, they knew greatness was upon them, and they were not going to be outworked in 2017.

Fast forward to this season, which started off magically with Penn State making its way into the top three, behind just Alabama in the rankings at one point. How could we ever have predicted such success just three years into Coach James Franklin’s tenure? Truly amazing.


We have already had some magical games this season, like when the Lions did not give up against Iowa and walked away with a marginal, yet important, win in the team’s first Big Ten Conference game of the year.

When Penn State socked it to Michigan with a 42-13 trouncing of the Wolverines, I think it’s safe to say that the College Football world woke up a bit and recognized that Penn State’s other successes were not flukes. The Lions are here and ready to play.

With a Heisman contender (do I even need to tell you who that is?), a quarterback who has exceeded expectations and a coaching staff so dedicated to their team, greatness is still upon Penn State.

While two losses in a row to two big teams hurts everyone, it is important to remember that it does not hurt Penn State’s fire and drive to be their absolute best this season.

This weekend is homecoming, and Penn State will welcome Rutgers to Beaver Stadium for what is sure to be an entertaining game at the very least.

So, Penn State fans, let’s all take a deep breath and recognize that the top-ranked team is still here, still with us, and they are ready to make this homecoming game one of the best ever. Join us at Beaver Stadium this Saturday for a noon kickoff as we watch our Lions get back on track. Let’s go, State!