Penn State Career Fair: Fall 2013

Penn State Career Fair: Fall 2013

Earlier this week hundreds of Penn State students put on their best suits, grabbed their resumes and headed up to the career fair. I know I speak for a lot of students when I say that the real world is a very scary place. There’s no more waking up 20 minutes before class, throwing on sweats and an oversized t-shirt and running out the door. You actually have to get dressed in socially acceptable clothing and “work”. Now lucky for us we have an education from one of the best universities in the nation, (#37, just saying) so we have the world at our finger tips.

Every year the Bryce Jordan is packed with future employers looking for students just like us to help their businesses grow and succeed. The career fair is an amazing opportunity for us to market ourselves and show these professionals what we have to offer. However, this is much easier said than done.

psu career fairAs soon as you walk into the BJC and see all the booths set up, fear sets in pretty fast. Looking around the room you can see the nervousness on all of the other student’s faces; which is strangely comforting because you know you’re not the only one who’s worried about what’s to come. With resume(s) in hand, you begin to scan the room for your sought after booths. You anxiously wait to talk to your prospect employer and when its time you give them a firm hand shake and say your perfectly rehearsed 30 second introduction.

After all is said and done, you know that you did the best that you could and now the only thing you can do is wait. It’s not the only opportunity that you’re going to have. Maybe something bigger and better is waiting right around the corner for you! Penn State’s awesome career services team is here to help!

Whether you attended the career fair because you were a senior hoping to score your first job, a junior looking for an internship or a sophomore/freshman looking for resume tips the fair had something for you! If you’re still feeling unsure about how your trip to the fair went, you can visit the career services website Here you can find tons of information on everything from how to beef up your resume to what to do after the fair ends. If you didn’t have a chance to make it up to one of the fall career days, don’t panic! The BJC will be hosting another one in March!

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