Pregame Predictor: Generations of Greatness

Pregame Predictor: Generations of Greatness

We interrupt your regularly scheduled heart stopping, thriller-of-a-roller-coaster-ride that represents a new era of Penn State Football and ask that you take a second to recognize Greatness. Generations of Greatness that is, as we take a trip down memory lane. One week after being battle-tested in Iowa, the Nittany Lions return to the friendly confines of Happy Valley, all decked out in white Nikes(egad!), striped pants and socks, numbered helmets and gray facemasks. With diamond patterns in the revered end-zones of Beaver Stadium, there are many nods this weekend to the decades of history that led us all to where WE ARE today.

Now, I can tell you with 100% certainty that James Franklin will not be running out of that tunnel with rolled-up pants, coke bottle glasses, sporting a tie, a la Joe. But I can tell you that he had a heavy hand in all that you will see this weekend as Penn State does the unthinkable and finally rolls out their version of the throwback uniform. It's a concept that we first caught glimpse of early this summer as Franklin gleamed with pride during its introduction. In my opinion, he knocked this one out of the park as he usually does. It's not the flashy, gimmicky type of throwback you see week in and week out dotting the landscape of college football, but instead a throwback with a meticulous nod to a lustrous past. After three years worth of teasing a fan base that loves to snub their noses at the notorious throwbacks, our new leader came up with one that only we could appreciate.


Of course, amidst all the pomp and circumstance, there is a game to be played folks. Indiana was the chosen victim for this one, and a loss to the Hoosiers while wearing these new duds would be darn near unforgivable for Mr. Franklin. The Hoosiers are a pass-happy offense that love to put points on the board. Their defense specializes in limiting big plays and ranks in the Top 30 in pass defense. They actually led Ohio State late in the third quarter before the wheels fell off and the Buckeyes pulled away in the season opener. Last season in Bloomington, Indiana gave the Nittany Lions all they could handle until a Brandon Bell interception and rumble into the end-zone sealed the victory and preserved a run to the championship. In short, Indiana is anything but a push-over and Penn State better have its chinstraps buckled and ready for another dog fight.

That said, Penn State is not a pushover team and plays tomorrow ranked No. 4 for a reason. We're 4-0, with an average 40+ points a game, have a Top 20 defense that’s getting stronger every week, and oh yeah, there is a guy named Barkley on our side as well. We escaped our Big Ten opener with just a little more respect than we already had. It wasn’t pretty, but Top 5 squads have been known to leave Iowa licking their wounds and we were still standing, beating our chests instead. Round two, in our quest to defend the title, begins and ends with the Hoosiers and a nod to all those throwbacks that made us who WE ARE. Generations of Greatness all culminated into what just may be the greatest of them all by the time Mr. Barkley is said and done. I predict a King ‘Quon field day, decked out in white cleats and stripes, as Penn State steamrolls Indiana 41-17 and the ‘Saquon For Heisman’ campaign reaches new heights. Generations of Greatness indeed.