Spring Cleaning: Penn State Football Raises the Bar in Weight Room During Off-season

Spring Cleaning: Penn State Football Raises the Bar in Weight Room During Off-season

There are just two weeks remaining until the Nittany Lions take to the practice field for the first time in 2016. This past week, the team finished up their weight room training with some max out efforts and all out efforts to cap off their indoor period.

On this past Monday, Leap Day, the Nittany Lions appropriately lead the day with broad jump and triple jump testing in Holuba Hall, followed by a 40-yard dash and bench press max outs in the weight room.

Tuesday brought even more intensity as vertical jumps and power clean max outs were completed in the weight room. Today was a special day as one of the program’s all-time records for power clean was broken by none other than freshman standout, Saquon Barkley (Coplay, Pa.).

Barkley power cleaned 390 pounds for his max out effort, beating the record held previously by defensive tackle Anthony Zettel who also cleaned 390 pounds, but due to Barkley’s significantly less body weight than Zettel, Barkley takes the record.

Barkley also secured the team’s fastest 40-yard dash with a 4:38. Barkley also back squatted 495 pounds for seven reps. He is certainly continuing his epithet as a hard player to beat and Barkley will undoubtedly be one of the leaders on the team this fall when he steps into his role as a returning sophomore.

The team has consistently gotten stronger this past winter, lifting three days a week in the mornings while completing conditioning the other two.

Director of the strength and conditioning program at Penn State Football is Dwight Galt.

Galt noted that leadership and maturity are the two qualities that have made themselves apparent among the team this off-season.

“The youth is growing up, and the older guys have done a great job,” said Galt. “They have been awesome.”

The squad begins their drills on March 18, and the annual Blue-White Game is set to be in Beaver Stadium on April 16. Football season is fast approaching. The only question is, are you ready?!