Springboard Win

Springboard Win

What a way to end the season and ring in the new year! Are you still walking on clouds after the Pinstripe Bowl? I can’t get enough of the photos, tweets, and highlight videos.It was a storybook ending to a difficult season. My husband, the philosopher, and I have an ongoing debate about whether you have to experience sadness to truly appreciate happiness. We both agree this win felt so sweet after the many tough losses. There’s a lot more NCAA baloney to correct, but I’m thankful we at least got our bowl games back.

One article I read rated the Pinstripe Bowl a B+. Penn Staters know our team deserved extra credit points for their performance. Throughout the game I was writing this blog in my head. By the time we were down 21-7, it began with “well, that’s all folks.” I hoped against hope for a comeback and boy did our Lions deliver. How much easier it is to write after a win. I mean, this is pretty much just going to be a love letter to our Nittany Lions.

Christian Hackenberg had his best game of the season and walked away with the MVP trophy. And Sam Ficken! His is a story we’ll never forget. Oh I just want to hug them all; I’m so stinkin’ happy!

I watched the post-game player interviews. They used words and phrases like persevere, relentless, hard work, preparation, sought help, kept fighting. Over and over the same themes emerged: we’ve had our lows and now we’re enjoying this high. I could not be happier for them. Of all the teams at all the schools, this one will always stand out.

Do all teams have this type of bond? This strength of character? This eloquence and this insightfulness? I hope so. And I doubt it. This team is something special, and because of them--the ones who stayed and the ones who knowingly committed--our story will continue.

I feel like I’m always saying these same things. I love hearing all of you say them, too. I’ve learned so much writing this blog, and one of the biggest lessons is that I’m not alone and neither are you. We are all on this crazy roller coaster together.

In his post game interview, Hackenberg called this win a springboard. In my mind, I imagine all of us jumping on that springboard and flying into the future with this football program.

Maybe it’s the win talking, but I’ve never felt more hopeful. I couldn’t imagine a better win to start the new year and to carry us into next season. We’ve got the heart and we’ve got the talent. I can’t wait to watch it all come together. I can’t wait to see what this spring holds. Until then, let’s right some wrongs. Let’s enjoy watching the top recruits committing. Let’s continue showing the world what it means to be a Penn Stater.