The Long and Winding Road

The Long and Winding Road

So here we are again. Trapped in the depths of another OC-watch. Will we pony up the big money to secure a shiny new toy (so to speak for all those drooling for the next JoeMo 2.0) or will we just elevate from within and crush all hopes and dreams? We’ve been down both paths lately and one ended with smash bang results while the other showed flashes here and there but could never quite duplicate the high-octane we were spoiled with under Moorehead. So long to the Ricky Rahne era, as Penn State’s shot-caller on offense moves on to build a program of his own. Stay tuned folks, whoever it will ultimately be is sure to be known to us by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, we learned that Cotton Bowl invites take a little time to warm up to nowadays and Memphis puts the fear of mediocrity in all those living on the edge of no-win situations. Little by little, I see a sea of Blue and White making tailgate plans, buying tickets and booking reservations, and Nittany Nation getting ready to invade Dallas in full force. Back in Happy Valley, there’s a shade of 1986 beginning to form as Pat Freiermuth, Will Fries, and Michael Menet all announce unfinished business with their brothers. A Shaka Toney, Human Joystick and Lamont Wade decision to give it one more go would be the coup de gras and the icing on the cake. Signing Day 2020 (the first of two) is set to be another Top 10 to Top 15 this Wednesday and oh yeah, the man at the center of all this flurry of activity, James Franklin, just signed another contract extension that effectively snuffed out those rumors of him looking for satisfaction anywhere else. One or two more of those and we might just be stuck at the hip one day down the road.


In other words, if you thought December was going to be quiet in the world of Penn State football, think again. Quite frankly by now, you all should know better. The fact remains that after six years together with another six just tacked on, no one has higher aspirations for this program than the man in charge. That lollygag after Rutgers three weeks ago was not the end of a run but just the beginning of another reload. Look at the number of youth we saw that day as opposed to a field full of upperclassmen. I suspect it truly began on the plane ride home from Columbus and there is no time for rest in between. Debate 10-wins versus 12 all you want, but while you do, understand that this is not a quick trip we’ve embarked upon with him as our leader, but a long and winding road instead.

It’s a journey that began on the rainy tarmac in Happy Valley back when things weren’t too happy in the valley and the man has since established us as the only team in the conference that can give the current kings all they can handle and then some, year in and year out. The bar has been raised to playoffs or bust, all thanks to the self-proclaimed ‘Pennsylvania boy with a Penn State heart.’ We rose as high as No. 2 with a Super’Quon in cleats and made the first ‘Top 4 In’ this season with a rookie QB. It’s been done with two different OC's and we’ll keep on chipping away with whoever he decides to hand the keys to next. For now, we’ve got a Tiger to tame in Texas and a bandwagon that keeps on rollin’ along that long and winding road with a full tank of gas and a FrankLion at the wheel.