Wait For It...Wait For It

Wait For It...Wait For It

Take two steps to the right. Good. Now, take two steps back. Excellent. Another step to the right…easy, easy…good. Now, gently, take another two steps back. Carefully take two steps to the left and four more steps back…easy, easy…well done. Finally, take 10 steps back and kindly see Officer Thompson, who has some questions for you.

No, he’s not trying to draw a psycho pinch, but as we learned in real life 15 years after the fact, he really is crazy.

Any and all Penn State fans that are ready to take a leap need to calm down. Just calm down.

Bill O’Brien is in the process of building his program. Read the previous sentence again. The phrase “in the process of” means, by definition, that the process itself has not yet been completed.

Perhaps John Butler is not the right fit at defensive coordinator. Or, perhaps he is and he simply doesn’t have the properwartman penn state personnel to show it yet. When the current redshirt freshmen along with the commits who (have verbally pledged to) sign with O’Brien on February 5 are put into action, the product should look better. Marcus Allen, Troy Vincent, Parker Cothren, Curtis Cothran, Garrett Sickels – these are O’Brien’s players. Ryan Keiser is not. Malcolm Willis is not. Nyeem Wartman is not.

Remember, Wartman was not recruited by O’Brien but rather was part of the group which he inherited/was trying to hold together while still leading the Patriots into the playoffs. At that point, everything was so hectic that O’Brien didn’t know Wartman from a wart (although as it turns out, they are one and the same), but only knew that his name was on a list of kids he was supposed to try to keep during a six-week span in which he wasn’t even on campus yet doing anything related to Penn State.

If you’re a Penn State fan, would you rather lose to Minnesota during a season that essentially means nothing or win a conference title two years from now and be set up to win two more over the ensuing four-year stretch?

This is a process. It is obvious in all phases of life that the 24-hour news cycle and instantaneous gratification of FaceTwitGram lends itself to the desire for instant results. If you accepted the fact that during the sanction years there would be some tough stretches, then accept it. Do the work. Live up to your end of the bargain and accept it. The current view is not what Penn State Football will look like under O’Brien when O’Brien can be his best O’Brien with all of O’Brien’s players.

If you could trade a 7-5 record this season for a Big Ten title in 2015, would you do it? Sure you would. Alright then – to steal the title of a certain toddler book (that’s really for parents), “Calm the *F* down.”

After the 2015 season (that means after, not August of 2015 and not early November of 2015, but after the 2015 season) will be the proper time to fairly evaluate O’Brien and decide whether or not he is living up to the on-the-field success standards that this program demands.

That’s more than two years from now.