Young and Beautiful

Young and Beautiful

I woke up so stinkin' proud to be a Penn Stater today. That game was classic--under the lights and electric, with a running game we haven’t seen in a while. I can’t say enough about the stripe out. Our stadium always looks impressive, and pulling off a hundred thousand people in alternating blue and white took it to another level. And, fireworks?! With an atmosphere like that, it’s no surprise we have the number one student section.

That game was FUN. We’ve been waiting, sometimes not so patiently, for a game like this one. A game we could almost watch with confidence in the outcome. I’ve been missing this team so much.

True, the little things are still penalizing us. We still need work, but now we can move forward with a little more confidence. We haven’t peaked yet. I’ve been reminded once again that the best is yet to come and I can feel it. We may be young but this weekend we were young and beautiful.

Last year we went to New Brunswick and won in an ugly, sloppy, mess of a game. It was ugly on the field and off. This year was much different. This year we showed Rutgers and their fans what it means to play in our big leagues.

Rutgers wanted a rivalry but they’re not going to get it. They may not think so, but what Rutgers got was better. They got up close and personal with our fans on our home turf. They got respected even in the midst of negative press about their players and coach. They got a lesson in humility and courtesy.

I heard overwhelmingly positive stories of Penn Staters checking in with Rutgers fans about their experience with our fans. On the Rutgers message board, I read stories of Penn State's hospitality toward their fans and I read this, the best part: a collective desire to step up their own fan behavior.

This is why I woke up so proud to be part of this Penn State family. We are so much more than numbers on the scoreboard. Sure it’s fun to win, but we know its about more than that.

It’s about more than playing on a Penn State athletic team or obtaining a Penn State degree. It’s about love and loyalty for our university. It’s about our legacy of integrity and class. It’s about success with honor.

Students, alumni, and fans: we earn the right to be Penn Staters. We lead by example. We show the world who WE ARE.

This game was success with honor, a seasoned dish that satisfied our hunger and tasted good. Get ready, San Diego State. We’re young and beautiful and hungry for more.