• White Out Shut Out

    White Out Shut Out

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    The game opened in the way we all feared and threatened to be a battle for the duration. Maybe you expected it and I was the only one surprised, but I truly was pleasantly surprised to watch Penn State completely...

  • Beautiful to Me

    Beautiful to Me

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    …Is how Coach Franklin described Penn State’s 30-13 win over Illinois Saturday. Beautiful is maybe not how most of us would describe such an imperfect win. Unfortunately, we expect this type of game– Nittany Lions open Big Ten play on...

  • Doing the Expected

    Doing the Expected

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    How about that little controversy last week when Penn State didn’t do the expected? With a first down and less than 90 seconds to go, Penn State was expected to take a knee and run out the remaining clock. They...

  • Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

    Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    (Welcome back, Kotter theme anyone? No?)  Welcome back to an enthralling new season of Penn State Football. Ranked 7th coming into Saturday with a new quarterback (finally) stepping up to the starting position, this season promises excitement and (fingers crossed)...

  • Spoke in a Winning Wheel

    Spoke in a Winning Wheel

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    Was that the game we’ve been waiting for or what? On the hundredth anniversary of Penn State playing in the first Rose Bowl, our Nittany Lions won the last; a fairy tale ending on a historic night at the final...

  • So Long Seniors

    So Long Seniors

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    The guy next to me in the coffee shop asked me if I was working on a Sunday. I explained and he told me I had a cool job. And he’s right. And it’s thanks to all of you reading...

  • Shutting Out a Rivalry

    Shutting Out a Rivalry

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    Some Saturdays, particularly in November, the majority of us are happy we’re watching from our couches, am I right? I’ve experienced some miserable weather in Beaver Stadium from brutal late August sun to last weekend in November snow. Saturday’s 30...

  • Bounce Back Blow Out

    Bounce Back Blow Out

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    This game had all the signs of a nail-biter. Especially following an Ohio State loss, Penn State has historically lost or very nearly lost its following game. In 2014, they lost to OSU and then Maryland in the very next...

  • Turn It Over

    Turn It Over

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    I hope your heart’s not too broken today. It’s only a game, right?  But, oh it's only THE game, the one we most want to win every single season. The game that eludes us every year. This one’s a tough...