• Keep Hustling

    Keep Hustling

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    In the leadup to the Minnesota game, we discussed last season’s sixth game: the infamous nine overtime disaster against Illinois. I mentioned that game two weeks ago following the sloppy win against Northwestern. As game seven loomed large, I again wondered...

  • No Surprise Here

    No Surprise Here

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    It’s Monday morning as I write this and Michigan, well, Michigan doesn’t suck. But we might. This is what we were cautiously optimistic about not happening. Cautiously optimistic that Penn State would play a close game in the Big House...

  • Weather Is Never

    Weather Is Never

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    You know when you’re at a party and some guy–your cousin, whoever–gets up to leave? He says he’s gotta run but then he takes an hour to say goodbye. He gets all ready to go but then he stands at...

  • Positive, If Imperfect

    Positive, If Imperfect

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    I went searching for positives this morning because I knew there’d be a lot of grief after the win against Central Michigan. There were plenty of mistakes to gripe about and plenty of people who want to do the complaining;...

  • Anticipatory Exhilaration

    Anticipatory Exhilaration

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    Oh hey Penn State sitting at 3 and 0! How many other teams can say they’ve got a road win against a Big Ten team plus a road win against an SEC team by mid-September?  I have to admit that...

  • Two Freshman Steps Forward

    Two Freshman Steps Forward

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    Saturday evening found me sitting across the dinner table from a depressed nine year old. His favorite meal and an enjoyable Penn State win couldn't even cheer up this pint-sized Notre Dame fan. Which leads me to two interesting questions:...

  • Game by Game

    Game by Game

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    Well, how’s that for an electric start to the season! “Unbelievable and magical,” I believe, are the words the emotional Gus Johnson used. “Crazy… lots of ups, lots of downs,” is what Sean Clifford had to say. If this contest...

  • The Grand Finale

    The Grand Finale

    | Posted by Eric Herrold

    If you were in need of some Holiday cheer, look no further than that 56-21 blizzard the Fighting Illini of Illinois ran into on Saturday. Penn State saved its best performance for last. No need to drag this on, Nittany...

  • Enough is Enough

    Enough is Enough

    | Posted by Dawn Meyer

    Wow, Penn State! Eight touchdowns and a 56-21 win over Illinois is the way you put an exclamation point on this strange season. This really has been quite a season. Were we watching the same team that lost a close...