Welcoming in a New Era of Penn State Football

Welcoming in a New Era of Penn State Football

With just about five months to go until college football kicks off, it appears the excitement surrounding the Penn State 2017 season is already amassing. Perhaps it has something to do with the legendary Blue and White Weekend that is just around the corner (April 22), but this excitement shows signs of a more important event: the 2017 squad.

While Penn State has always been home to a host of legends like Jesse James and Jack Crawford, it seemed questionable just when Penn State itself would become legendary once again.

As a soon-to-be alumna of this great university, I look back on the past four years with tremendous pride for not only this football program, but Penn State University as a whole. A former intern for the recruiting department of Penn State Football, I can only imagine how much more traffic that department sees after this epic past season.

I truly believe that Penn State Football is a unique program because of the attitude it takes toward the sport. While every big football school will claim the same thing, only Penn Staters know that we are the real deal.


From Coach Franklin’s core values of being willing to sacrifice and to not believe the hype (among others), to the emphasis placed on being family-oriented both on and off the field, this new era of Penn State football looks to not only become legendary, but to revolutionize what it means to play college football.

Playing college football is more than just defeating then-No. 2 Ohio State (I will never be over this as long as I live), it is about unifying a community. Penn State is dialed in on this new school of thought and play. A new era of team spirit, a new era of coaching and a new era of Penn State commits are all committed to bringing the community together.

With the naming of Trace McSorley (Ashburn, Va.), Nick Scott (Pittsburgh, Pa.), and Jason Cabinda (Flemington, N.J.) as the 2017 captains, I graduate Penn State confident that for years to come, each senior class will be leaving the University better than they found it.

For any students and fans with years left of attending games, tailgates, and spring ball, soak in the new era of Penn State Football. Soak in the community, the wins, the inevitable losses, the re-ignited sense of being part of something bigger than yourself.

An advanced congratulations to the 2017 team - no matter what your record is, you have started a college football revolution, and I can’t wait to see where it takes this community.